More than twenty years ago, the founder of Vegus Foods, Michael Reynolds, sold his papaya farm in Mexico and moved back to San Francisco. After studying sprouts he decided that he could produce a better product than was available and started to do so by creating a company that supplied sprouts grown from seeds of; daikon, sunflowers, snow peas and wheat.

In those days, there were about 100 sprout growers in California but one by one they closed down because of recalls of products contaminated with e:coli and salmonella. Due to careful growing conditions, Michael didn’t have those problems but he could see that there would always be a risk in supplying sprouts. He eventually sold his sprout supply business and temporarily moved onto other things.  However, he always wanted to find a way to give people the fantastic health benefits of fresh sprouts, but without the risk.

Eventually by much research and experimentation, he discovered the solution:

  1. Always, grow happy, healthy sprouts in a very clean environment.
  2. Create a propriety condition that controlled the growth of spores.
  3. Harvest and immediately juice to retain all the nutrients, enzymes and natural synergies and living energy.
  4. Use a proprietary high pressure processing protocol to kill the bacteria in the juice, without destroying nutrients or enzyme activity.

With this Vegus Foods and our 100% raw Vegus Juices were created.