More than twenty years ago, the founder of Vegus Foods, Michael Reynolds, sold his papaya farm in Mexico and moved back to San Francisco. After studying sprouts he decided that he could produce a better product than was available and started to do so by creating a company that supplied sprouts grown from seeds of; daikon, sunflowers, snow peas and wheat.

In those days, there were about 100 sprout growers in California but one by one they closed down because of recalls of products contaminated with e:coli and salmonella. Due to careful growing conditions, Michael didn’t have those problems but he could see that there would always be a risk in supplying sprouts. He eventually sold his sprout supply business and temporarily moved onto other things.  However, he always wanted to find a way to give people the fantastic health benefits of fresh sprouts, but without the risk.

Eventually by much research and experimentation, he discovered the solution:

  1. Always, grow happy, healthy sprouts in a very clean environment.
  2. Create a propriety condition that controlled the growth of spores.
  3. Harvest and immediately juice to retain all the nutrients, enzymes and natural synergies and living energy.
  4. Use a proprietary high pressure processing protocol to kill the bacteria in the juice, without destroying nutrients or enzyme activity.

With this Vegus Foods and our 100% raw Vegus Juices were created.

How We Make Our Juices

We first spend weeks or months researching which raw juices we believe will be most helpful for you. Once we have carefully chosen which ones to make, we follow a complicated process to ensure our raw juices are as good as those you press at home:

How to Make the Sweetest, Freshest Tasting Juices:


First, we buy only carefully selected non-GMO organic seeds. Every batch is screened for disease vectors.


Our seeds are soaked in our proprietary system – we made it ourselves – that assures that the seeds get exactly what they need to germinate. This means rinsing the seeds with water every 12 minutes for the first 24 hours and ensuring that the seeds always have lots of nice sweet oxygen.


Then we lay out the germinated seeds in trays, put the trays into a multi layer rack and then water them 24 hours a day, making sure that there is great air circulation.


When the sprouts reach their perfect peak for harvesting we then gently squeeze the juice out. (Yes! a low gear, slow speed grinder so as not to damage anything followed by a hydraulic press).


Then we cool the juice, add just enough organic lactic acid to prevent decay. (This is the age-old method of preservation of foods). However, we add the organic lactic (non-dairy) acid with a very light touch.


Then we seal the juice into single serving tubes using a pharmaceutical grade system. We mark the best before date on every tube with a date that is 6 months from production. While the nutrient values last at least that long the colour may slowly change from green to less than green and the taste can change too eventually but the juices are always safe; in fact our tests have shown that they are still drinkable with no bacterial growth after 4 years! There is no need to refrigerate the juices, although some people treat it like a white wine and prefer to drink them slightly chilled.


Next we go from age-old methods to star wars. We subject the juice, that is already tightly sealed in single serving tubes, to ultra high pressure. This kills the bad bacteria without hurting the desired qualities of the juices. Especially, this method leaves the enzymes intact and alive for you.


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What is interesting is that the ultra-high pressure does not even break down the long chain enzymes because the pressure is isostatic (ie. equal on all sides). In fact, when tested, there is actually a small improvement in some enzymes of around 1-2%.

Ready to Drink

So there you have it: perfect sprouts make great juice and a combination of really old and really new technology keeps it raw, fresh and full of living energy all the way to you, without any need for refrigeration.  Enjoy our Juices!

100% rawVegus Juices are 100% raw cold-pressed, never heated and never frozen.  They are preserved using ultra high pressure (HPP) that retains enzyme activity.


What’s so good about raw food?

The nutrients within foods can be more easily digested when the enzymes in those foods are still intact.  In Vegus Juices the important nutrients are sulforaphane in broccoli sprouts juice and chlorophyll in wheatgrass juice.

All natural foods grow with enzymes and these enzymes help us digest the foods.  Cooking and heating over 45 degrees Celsius (113 degrees Fahrenheit) denatures (destroys) these enzymes. The heat changes their structure and makes them inactive.  That is why it’s helpful to include generous portions of salad and raw vegetables that contain enzymes with every meal.

Vegus Juices are never heated so that all of the enzyme activity is preserved. In fact, tests have shown that the enzyme activity is actually slightly increased by 3-4% after after HPP. This means that it is easier for the body to absorb the important sulforaphane and chlorophyll that are present in our raw juices.  Note that heat-treated dry powdered extracts no longer contain active enzymes.

our values

We at Vegus Juices are a dedicated team driven by the desire to help others.  Our values help shape the juice shots that we make to how we treat you our lovely customers.

We care that you are healthy.  This is fundamentally what drives us to spend hours in rainy Ireland nurturing and loving our sprouts so that our raw juices are full of vibrant living energy for you to enjoy.

We care that you love our juices enough to buy them again.  In fact, 90% of you do buy our raw juice shots again which we are very grateful for.  We love that some of you have been buying our juices for years and many of you tell your friends about us, thank you.

We care about you and what motivates you to buy our juices.   You can read some of the reviews about our juices and we’d love to hear your feedback.

We care about telling the truth.  This is why we encourage you to find out what we know and cannot tell you, by finding out about sulforaphane and chlorophyll.