Beetroot Juice

Beetroot juice is a good source of potassium, vitamin C and a whole host of other minerals including calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorous, zinc, copper and selenium.  The UK’s National Health service recently reviewed beetroot juice and you can read about it here.

We cold-press our beetroot, to retain nutrients and enzymes, creating a wonderful, sweet tasting juice.  Then we add our beetroot juice to our best selling raw Broccoli Sprout juice, to make Broccoli Sprout + Beetroot Juice, giving you all the benefits of beetroot and broccoli sprouts in one sweet juice shot.

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    Contains Sulforaphane:

    Independent laboratories tested Vegus Foods’ Broccoli Sprout Juice to contain at least 25 micromoles of isothiocyanates including sulforaphane per 10 ml, so one 40ml tube of Broccoli Sprout + Beetroot juice gives you at least 50 micromoles isothiocyanates including sulforaphane.

    The Johns Hopkins Institute recommended 40 micromoles sulforaphane a day.

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    Disclaimer: At Vegus Foods, we are farmers and we make great juices but we are not doctors or scientists or nutritionists. We are not any kind of health care providers. If you need medical advice or require diagnosis or treatment we cannot give it to you. You must consult a qualified practitioner (but please tell them all about our juices!)