Feedback from Parents of Children with Autism About Broccoli Sprout Juice

Conducted in 2015 on Facebook (Closed Group, invitation only)

We followed what happened when a small group of people with autism drank broccoli sprout juice.   40 parents whose children had autism and who showed the fever response were invited to record what happened when their children drank 30ml Broccoli Sprout Juice per day for 28 days (4 weeks).

Note: This was not a study, as we did not include a control group nor did we run under controlled conditions, so we make no claims that the improvements witnessed are as a result of drinking broccoli sprout juice.  We also make no claims that the results could be extrapolated to the wider population.


  • It was not possible to determine if all participants showed the fever response since not all of the children had actually had a fever previously.
  • Many of the 40 children in the group refused to drink the juices, mainly because of the taste.
  • Some did not drink all of the 30ml. Often just a few drops could be given.
  • Some did not drink the 30ml at once. Often they were given it in small drops throughout the day.
  • Many would not drink the juice direct and it had to be mixed with other foods/drinks (hot and cold).

Parent’s Feedback

On the following pages are some of the comments from parents whose children participated. About half of the parents reported that their child’s symptoms improved.

Names have been removed to protect children’s privacy.

Parent 1

Today we began our independent use of the broccoli sprout juice. We began the trial in May. On day 1 our son was more related, engaged, making random appropriate comments as we went about our regular and spontaneous activities. This was noted by U.S. As well as his school team. This continued for 2 weeks while we were on the juice when he got sick with a cold. He was sick for a week and lethargic and the next week we had a death in the family so things were not typical. The following week we were done with the trial and he no longer had the juice. Almost as quickly as the gains came, they disappeared. He was becoming less engaged, sociable and becoming more rigid. After a week of waiting for the improvements to return, we decided to purchase the juice. It came last night and we gave him his “yucky” juice as he calls it this morning. Today has been a fantastic day. He is appropriately commenting on everything and is so engaged with all that is going on. I know we will continue to use the juice as long as we see this progress. Thanks to ***** and all those supporting this trial for introducing us to the “yucky” juice.

Parent 2

We’re seeing definite improvement. Today he has actually sat on the sofa & watched TV, unheard of since he was 3, he’s usually doing rounds of the living room. His stimming has also reduced by about 80%. I’m so pleased! This is with 3 days on minimal amounts, what’s he going to be like once we get him at full dose 😃😃😃

Parent 3

We had a rough start to this trial. The very first time I gave my son the full packet. He became calm and stimming decreased almost instantly. He hard a very hard time fighting his gag reflex to get it down. He almost vomited.

The next few days were less successful as he couldn’t get more than half of it down without gagging and spitting the rest out.
He became constipated for days and even vomited one night after taking the juice.

I decided to give him a break due to the issues he was having with digesting the juice. I delayed giving him anymore for 2 weeks.

Now that summer break has begun, I began giving him half a packet a day (one syringe full). He has gotten better at taking it with each day.

Now that we have had a full week of consistent juice consumption, I am happy to report some very positive things.

I give it to him before bed, and his sleep has improved. He sleeps more soundly and for longer periods.

His speech has improved as well. He was already pretty verbal, but now his sentences are longer, he is using more vocabulary, he is answering questions he’s never answered before such as “why are you doing that?” He answered “I don’t know” and giggled! He has always struggled with “wh” questions, and he seems to be able to answer them more frequently and appropriately.

He is initiating social interaction much more with family, neighbors, kids in the neighborhood, etc.

His imaginitive play is more elaborate. He can also explain what he is playing, what he is pretending, and why.

His overall mood has improved, even during the transition from school to summer break. He is happier, and is doing a better job at trying to calm himself down to prevent meltdowns.

Play between he and his older brother has improved. He is more receptive to things like playing catch, and is seeking that interaction out from his brother.

So after a rocky start, and adjusting his dosage to what his body can handle, I have noticed so many improvements.

I will continue only giving him half a packet a day at night time since this is what works best for him.

My son is 10 years old. We started him at the age of 4 on a gluten, casein, soy free diet with no dyes, artifical flavors, almost all food is organic/non GMO, and he also takes many nutritional supplements daily. His gut has been healed so much over the years which means his body is able to absorb the nutrients in the juice at a maximum level, which provides maximum results.

Parent 4

Hi I will try and get mine to you next week when I am child free for a few days. My son has done really well on it

Parent 5

I’m literally having to force it down him though 😕 We started at 5ml yesterday & 10 today, I have no idea how I’m going to get the whole 33ml down him, he has serious food aversion & you would think I’m trying to kill him when I’m giving him the juice!

I don’t want to add it to anything as its hard enough getting a tiny amount in & there really isn’t anything I can think of that he would find less repulsive because of his food issues. Is there anything I could flavour it with that won’t increase the volume much? Thanks x

Parent 6

Hi everyone

A quick update on juices.

I have started giving it to my sons two weeks ago and I can see amazing results. R’s language and understanding is getting very good ,the school said it looks like a magic has happened, his language and behaviour is improving every day, when I told them about the juice they couldn’t believe it.

K is not hyper as before ,listening to my instruction and responding.

He looks very alert and using lots of new words..

Parent 7

We have finished our trial. Sorry I didn’t send the midway notes. We’ve had a lot going on. I will send you everything in the next few days. My son is 16. We noticed he seemed happier, easier-going, and more quick to respond to us. He did not seem “less autistic” as he has continued to script and act out movie scripts, do funny stuff in public, have no problem walking into the street, etc. We’ve had a couple of medical things going on, but the one thing we can say is that he has seemed happier.

Parent 8

My son seems happier and brighter. My son hates it, but we pull it into a squirter syringe and hand it to him to suck in himself. That way he doesn’t smell it. At first, we immediately gave him a sip of Sprite after each syringe full but now we just give water.

Parent 9

Our soon-to-be six year has been taking the juice for about five weeks. He is non-verbal, but says a word or two a week. He still isn’t up to full dose, but is taking about half a packet a day. We haven’t notice an increase in actual words, but his sounds have changed. He understands what you are telling or asking him much clearer! He is also trying new foods a bit more, which is huge for him!!! His diet is pretty limited because of his own pickiness. He is also trying to mimic his older brother and two older sisters. Overall, he seems a bit more content with life and his stims have lessened a little. We plan to keep him on it at least another couple of months because we have tried other supplements with him that took several months to get the full effect! We are excited and hopeful of continued improvement. We think it is definitely worth the price for the improvements we have noticed. His therapists are even saying they notice a difference in between the days they see him! He seems much clearer and focused and not quite so aimless. Thank you for allowing us to be part of the study!!!

Parent 10

I see progress, but I can only get him to drink about a half of a packet. He understands much better!

Parent 11

Eldest son happy takes it and is much calmer more chatty and engaged, younger son was a non starter unfortunately.