Meet the Inventor: Michael Reynolds


Many years ago, Michael used to help people improve their financial health as a tax specialist.  Then he decided instead to help them improve their physical health.  Learn more about Our Story here. After much research, he started growing sprouts and, after many attempts, developed a unique system that produced perfect nutrient-rich sprouts every time. His propriety system ensures that the seeds get the optimum water, nutrients, humidity, temperature, air and hygienic growing conditions and retain their enzyme activity from the moment the seeds are soaked until the day the young shoots are harvested.

Michael is an inventor and his creative genius has produced a world exclusive product range of broccoli sprouts juices.

Meet the Sprout Man: Lar Murray


Many years ago, Lar’s practical skills were focused on creating cabinets and other furniture. He later turned to organic farming, distributing organic food boxes in Ireland.

Lars now works for Vegus Juices as Production Manager. He is the man who makes it all happen and, without Lar, there would be no sprouts.

Lar also helps with sales by establishing  distributors and retail outlets.

In his spare time, Lar coaches GAA sports teams.

Meet the Marketing Girl: Sarah Diggins

SarahAlthough not officially employed, Sarah has been working with Vegus Foods for 8 years helping with their graphic design and marketing. She comes up with the designs and messages that bring Vegus Juices to life and help customers understand how wonderful they are. She finds this particularly challenging since customers buy the juices for reasons we’re not allowed to tell you about!

Sarah is passionate about using nutrition to heal and supporting health with natural therapies that rebalance the whole body and address the cause of illness, rather than using drugs to suppress symptoms which are only showing in the first place as a guide to help us heal the whole body!

And now meet Daisy:


Daisy is not really a member of our team but she helps out. After the wheatgrass has been harvested there is some stubble and a lot of root mass left behind.  There are a lot of nutrients in it but the overall taste is not very good.

Many people would throw it all away but most of the farmers around our farm in Ireland have at least a few cows. So we give them that nice biomass and they feed it to their cows.

The cows love it!


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